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Featured Posts explain what the ministry of Emerging Kingdom is about

This Is The Emerging Kingdom

The Emerging Kingdom is about the awakening of the Ecclesia, the motivated Church of the Lamb and the arisen dawn of the Kingdom of heaven being made manifest upon the earth. Get The Most From The Emerging Kingdom! Who We Are: Emerging Kingdom is a unique and explosive Holy Spirit given idea that came during a strategy meeting with Wayne C Anderson, Richard C Wilson & Kevin Ford. The E...
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Miracles – The Kingdom Of Heaven Revealed

When Jesus Christ began preaching the Kingdom of God the multitudes began to listen because He preached with such authority. Anyone who proclaims the Kingdom of heaven does so with authority. But that authority was also strengthened by the many sick folks that heard and were healed. The more that the sick were healed the more the people with illnesses heard of the Healer from Galilee and hope bega...
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The Ecclesia & The Church

As we stated in the content of the page This Is The Emerging Kingdom: "We love the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ and we believe in what she does upon the earth today and we believe that this “Bride of Christ” will do so much more in the coming seasons of the Lord upon this earth. We are also thrilled by the revelation of the true “Ecclesia” as the body of eternal justice that is manifest upon t...
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