Kansas Statehouse Intercession

A visitation is taking place! You are rendezvousing with the Holy One at the PowerPoint of the State of Kansas – the Heartland of the United States of America.

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Begin This Spiritual Journey

Click here to go to the page that gives the prayer protocol for entering the battle against evil and doing spiritual works effectively. Begin your Ekklesia journey with the expectation of miracles.

Journey Through the Statehouse for the Regions of the State

Walk through the entire Statehouse on behalf of all of the regions and the people of the State of Idaho. This Statehouse is the power point for the State of Idaho and its people. You are the representative of the Ekklesia Government of Jesus Christ. Your governing and legislating authority is higher that the government that is seated in this Statehouse. What you say here matters. Stand sure in your words.
“Come Kingdom of God. Be done Will of God.” In and from this Statehouse as it is in Heaven. Amen,

Journey to the Lincoln Auditorium

The Lincoln Auditorium is in the west wing basement. It used to be open all the time but they are now locking it for some reason. There are places to sit in the hallway looking at the doors to the auditorium.

Journey to the House of Representatives Chamber

The House of Representatives Chamber is in the east wing, on two upper floors. It used to be open all the time, but they are now locking it for some reason. You should be able to view the chamber through the upper-floor windows.

Journey to the Idaho Senate Chamber

The Idaho Senate Chamber is in the west wing, on two upper floors. It used to be open all the time, but they are now locking it for some reason. Give it a try and see what you can see.

Journey to the Idaho Governor's Office

The Idaho Governor’s Office is on the first floor in the west wing hallway from the round auditorium center. There is usually a wooden bench to sit on across the hall from the Office Of The Governor, which makes a good place to decree while viewing the door to the Governor’s Office.

Journey to the Office of the Attorney General

The Idaho Attorney General’s Office is on the second floor (Suite 210) in the rear center of the main capitol room – the round auditorium center. there is good signage to direct you to the Attorney General’s Office.

When Ending the Spiritual Journey

It is essential that you finalize this time of intercession of council authority that is so devastating to the kingdom of darkness and the high-ranking principal evil spirits. This proclamation seals your presence and activities away from wicked spirits and watchers.

Statehouse Intercession

The government of the State of Kansas is at the most intense time of its history. Along with the rest of the United States, the powers of darkness and organized crimes against humanity are focusing on Kansas because it carries the heartland of the United States of America and will not bow to the insanity of rebellious spiritual forces of evil. At this time, very few of the government people in our Statehouse who are supposed to be representing the people are trustworthy in any aspect of life.

New Hope Church – Pastors 

Partnering with other Churches
in the State of Kansas,

and friends – fellow believers – have a passion to hold our ground and stand sure with the righteous rule and reign of the King of all Kings, Jesus Christ.


Announcing the Date & Time of Our Next Journey

Big day! Place this on your calendar! Saturday,

April 13th, 2024 @ 10:30 AM

We’ll meet at the Statehouse for unified Ekklesia prayer.

Annual Calendar of Our Intercessory Events

Watch this placard for a list of things we’ll be doing throughout the year both at and from the Kansas Statehouse.
2024 Dates for Intercession at the Idaho Statehouse:
🙏 April 13th, 2024
🙏 July 6th, 2024
🙏 October 5th, 2024