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Attend Our Weekly “Winds-day” Live Hangout Sessions Here

Watch the hangout session below. Please get your prayer requests in before the session starts.


Watch right here! Wednesday evening @ 9 pm (est), 8 pm (cst), 7 pm (mst), 6 pm (pst), etc…

Give and it shall be given...

Our Hangout Sessions are scheduled for each Wednesday so that you can be part of an online conference meeting with Wayne C Anderson, Richard C Wilson & Kevin Ford.

We will receive offerings just like any service of worship via the donate button below.

We will be here with live weekly meetings that will empower you with the learning of Kingdom skills and principles, and we will be praying for miracles to take place in people’s lives who have sent us their prayer request for physical healing, and deliverance from the traumas inflicted upon them by the devil.

We have seen countless miracle breakthroughs and have come to depend on the message of the Kingdom of God to be the “power of the gospel” that sets people free. So, we will actually be exampling the message of the Church/Ecclesia as the hand of the Lord’s justice and the manifestation of the Kingdom of heaven upon the earth.