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Prayer Requests

Here you can leave us a prayer request for healing & miracles of any kind. Please leave your testimony of your healing/miracle here too.

We give you (1) a form that you can complete where we are the only people to see the request or (2) you can use the comments section below, allowing other visitors to this website also pray.

  1. Complete This Request for Prayer Form, or,
  2. Leave a request for prayer by the “Enter your comment” below.

3 thoughts on “Prayer Requests

  1. My Daughter Lorelei was burnt by the Spirit of Religion as a girl and thus does not believe in the God of the Bible; she considers herself to be Spiritual since her Father’s death a year ago (part of her grieving process) and in exploring the occult, she is in her late 30’s. She has been in continual pain for many years with numerous diagnosis, nothing seems to be able to be treated to relieve the pain. They are continuing to run painful tests to find the causes and treat her with lots of different pain meds/shots/surgeries and the like. Since becoming ‘spiritual’ her family life is falling apart.

  2. My daughter is suffering from seizures and is unable to conceive. She desperately wants to be a mom. Please stand with me in breaking her bondage to the stronghold these seizures have in her life, keeping her from being able to drive, to have the freedom to pursue a career or motherhood.

    1. The lord was Is and will always be present , no distance in prayer.nothing can separate you from His love I declare by His grace no more seizures in Jesus name. May His Peace fill you and your children be taught of the lord, speaking his praises as they go Amen

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