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The Ecclesia & The Church

As we stated in the content of the page This Is The Emerging Kingdom:
“We love the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ and we believe in what she does upon the earth today and we believe that this “Bride of Christ” will do so much more in the coming seasons of the Lord upon this earth. We are also thrilled by the revelation of the true “Ecclesia” as the body of eternal justice that is manifest upon the earth in this hour. We believe that these two must work together and we believe that our responsibility is to give identity to the “Body of Christ” in knowing their favored effectual places and our skill building messages will give this “Body of Christ” new confidence that will overwhelm evil in this age.”There is a grasping of identity that is becoming more and more evident with church bodies, house churches and groups of believers in this season of time. We experience this all over the U. S. especially.We look at the history of the Body of Christ from its earliest stages and see the hand of the Lord on all that has been said and done and we believe that the times and seasons of the coming of the Son of man tell us a lot about our future.

We have a sincere want for the Body of Christ to arise like one who has awakened from a restoring sleep to the place of both war and peace.

We proclaim the Kingdom of heaven – the rule and reign of God. When we preach the Kingdom, the presence of the Kingdom of heaven comes and the manifestations of the Kingdom of heaven are revealed upon the earth. Our long experience of ministering together has shown this over and over to us.

We believe and thus, we teach that the Church is the anointed by the Lord Jesus Christ to be the net of His Body and the “household of faith” where the “members in particular” of that great Body of Christ come together – to unite. The Church is the net that will bring the multitudes into the Kingdom of God. This is where the people are united unto God and each other, yes, but also equipped and initiated to do the works of the Kingdom of heaven affecting their regions.

Yet in the world, there is much evil and the justice of heaven is unseen in many arenas. The Ecclesia of Christ is at the gates of heaven to announce the justice from the great halls of His courts. The Ecclesia is the “elders at the gates” that are referred to in the scriptures at the place of judgment. The Ecclesia is the authoritative legislation of heaven manifesting upon the earth. An Ecclesia is a courtroom assembly where intercession brings about liberty that is willed by God the Father, Who is the Great Judge of all through the testimony of Jesus Christ Who is the Just One.

There are many Churches needed. There are many gathering places of Ecclesia that are needed. Both need to rely upon the other.

The Emerging Kingdom is a ministry of Wayne C Anderson, Richard C Wilson & Kevin Ford, which, not only reveals the existence, the power, and the strategic placement of these entities of the Body of Christ but also teaches the skills and initiates the strengthening power and works of both the Church and the Ecclesia.

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