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This Is The Emerging Kingdom

The Emerging Kingdom is about the awakening of the Ecclesia, the motivated Church of the Lamb and the arisen dawn of the Kingdom of heaven being made manifest upon the earth.

Get The Most From The Emerging Kingdom!

Who We Are:

Emerging Kingdom is a unique and explosive Holy Spirit given idea that came during a strategy meeting with Wayne C Anderson, Richard C Wilson & Kevin Ford.

The Emerging Kingdom has taken on a life of its own that is almost separate and yet very much a part of our individual ministries. Together, we reveal that dynamic of the “rule & reign of the Lord” in ways that we simply cannot when we are ministering alone.

We have been operating as a team of apostles in many regions and nations for a couple decades now and have developed our skills in targeting the precise spiritual places that manifest the dynamics of the Kingdom of heaven upon the earth.

What We Do:

For years now, we have been training intercessors to enter the courts of heaven a manifest the justice of the Just One upon the earth.

We have seen acts of terror halted, cataclysmic disturbances stopped, public policies changed, corruptions exposed and many more of those miraculous works of Kingdom of heaven breakthrough take place.

We love the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ and we believe in what she does upon the earth today and we believe that this “Bride of Christ” will do so much more in the coming seasons of the Lord upon this earth.
We are thrilled by the revelation of the true “Ecclesia” as the body of eternal justice that is manifest upon the earth in this hour.

We believe that these two must work together and we believe that our responsibility is to give identity to the “Body of Christ” in knowing their favored effectual places and our skill building messages will give this “Body of Christ” and new confidence that will overwhelm evil in this age. (see the “The Ecclesia & The Church” page)

How You Can Take Part In This Emerging Kingdom:

Attend Our Blab Sessions:

Our weekly “Blab” Sessions are scheduled so that you can be part of an online conference meeting with Wayne C Anderson, Richard C Wilson & Kevin Ford. “Blab” is an online web meeting service that is provided for free to both presenters and attendees.

We will be using this service to present one hour long weekly meetings that will empower you with the learning of Kingdom skills and principles, and we will be praying for miracles to take place in people’s lives who have sent us their prayer request for physical healing, and deliverance from the traumas inflicted upon them by the devil.

We have seen countless miracle breakthroughs and have come to depend on the message of the Kingdom of God to be the “power of the gospel” that sets people free. So, we will actually be exampling the message of the Church/Ecclesia as the hand of the Lord’s justice and the manifestation of the Kingdom of heaven upon the earth.

You can find the information about these “Blab Sessions” in the Online Place & Events listed in the menu above.

Attend Our Weekend Conferences:

We are planning and scheduling our Emerging Kingdom Weekend Conferences in a number of different regions. These Conferences are laid out for a Friday evening, Saturday morning/afternoon, and a Saturday evening set of meetings.

Whenever possible – when we have a workable worship team available to us – we will be doing apostolic-Ecclesia style worship with intercessory decrees and regional spiritual work through worshipping the King of all kings.

We will not only have revelatory sessions of teaching but we will also have a time of dialog for questions and even problem solving and well as anointing and Ecclesia decrees of justice. These sessions are power packed and life changing. There is always the added dynamic of having experienced prior conferences and bringing that experience into the next so that these conferences are always building in dynamic Kingdom manifestations.

We advertise for the sick to come as we demonstrate the Kingdom through the laying on of hands and we always see the miracle working power of God manifest in people’s bodies and through their lives.

You can find the information about these conferences in the Events listed here on our website.

Subscribe To Our Emerging Kingdom News:

Our Emerging Kingdom News is a periodical that is delivered to your email inbox with some unique and special learning tips for putting both Ecclesia Prayer to work and manifestations of the living Church into operations.

You can subscribe by using the form on the right column on this page. You can see an archive of our News by using that link below the Subscribe form.

Some Of What We See As Future Emerging Kingdom Ministry Tools:

Video School for Ecclesia Training:
We are preparing 15-minute training sessions for Ecclesia operational skills and an understanding of Kingdom justice. These will include outlines and other learning tools.

Webinars For Church & Ecclesia Training:
We have an online webinar web engine that we are building for webinar learning that will be a tremendous tool for learning and demonstrating the power of Kingdom building and breakthrough.

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